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Dean's Message

Historically, human society has gone through different forms of civilization, including primitive civilization, agricultural civilization, and now industrial civilization. Although industrial civilization has created unprecedented material prosperity, its excessive exploitation of nature has destroyed the equilibrium between humans and nature. With the development of society and technology, man has gained a deeper understanding of the value and significance of nature, realizing that the environment lies at the very foundation of human civilization. In this context, our school takes responsibility for cultivating talents with ecological knowledge and advanced technologies in environmental protection, thereby contribute to providing better services for human existence and social development.

Northeast Normal University (NENU), as one of China’s high-level universities designated as a member of the "211 Project" and the "Double First Class", has always shouldered the mission to cultivate outstanding talents, conduct high-level scientific research, and provide high quality social services to our nation. To meet the demands of social development and environmental conservation, the Institute of Environmental Science was established in 1978. After 40 years of rapid development and improvement in the areas of faculty cultivation, academic research and student education, the School of Environment (SE) of NENU was established in 2013. The school strives to live out our motto to "cultivate morality, commit to learning, seek truth, pursue excellence". We devote ourselves to achieving these goals of cultivating talents through "rational thinking, excellence, and innovative ability", thereby providing excellent talent and technological support for national ecological construction, environmental protection and sustainable development.

After a long period of growth and development, the quality of our faculty and their research achievements have brought our school to a level of international influence. At present, the faculty of our school consists of members who have been nationally recognized and awarded for their research by the Natural Science Foundation of China and by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. So far, the school has obtained research findings of more than 150 million RMB, supported by over 300 national and provincial-level programs, including the National Science and Technology Major Project, the Technology Support Project, and the "973" Project. The school has published a series of important academic works, including 500 academic papers, and more than 30 academic monographs, having obtained a number of academic research awards and patents, including 20 Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Awards at the national and provincial levels and 80 invention patents and software copyrights.

Looking to the future, our school will further strengthen the management efficiency, increase our investment in research, and continually improve our educational quality, so as to rank ourselves among the national key disciplines.

Welcome to our school. We sincerely look forward to your support.